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Woods which is natural material have various grain and no one same thing. Woods which is used instruments do not have any problems for function, but the current situation there are quite a few woods which are wasted because of such a knot.

UNIQUE WOOD PROJECT is a new sense of value we originate. This project is propose to minimize waste-wood and to recognizes diversity woods have by making active use of a piece of wood has knots accidentally appears when it is carved.

Somewhere of neck and body woods rarely have knots and stains but its ability and durability as instruments are not inferior compared to  woods do not have them at all. We hope that many people enjoy as UNIQUE that a knot and stain of woods are grain. 


UNIQUE WOOD PROJECTは、私達が発信する新しい価値観です。フシなどが出てしまった材料も積極的に活用することで、木材の持つ多様性を認め、木材の破棄を最小限に抑えることを目的としています。


  • In the nature of the product, all of these is a limited item of only one. we do not take a build-to-order for it.
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