JuNN -Artist-

JuNN -Artist-

We would like to announce to welcome Mr. JuNN / Dongjun Jung as SAITO GUITARS’ artist.
JuNN is supported and introduced by our long-time dealer in Korea, Guitarshop Korea.

You will hear his guitar through many soundtracks of popular games and V-Livers, which JuNN wrote and contributed songs as well. 

JuNN has been awarded by many major makers and music distributors’ contest as below.  Great player and congratulations!!!

From JuNN’s YouTube channel, you will find his play-thru of the songs he participated in and cover-tunes of popular songs you may know. 

Don’t miss his sound making clips with the latest equipment.

人気ゲームのサウンドトラックやVライバーの楽曲製作への参加、メーカー&ディストリビューター主催のコンテストで多くの受賞歴がある韓国のギタリスト、ジョン・ドンジュン(JuNN / Dongjun Jung)SAITO GUITARS Artistに加わりました。



Supported by guitarshop korea

Various Awards of JuNN

-Winner of Dungeon & Fighter x MUSICIANS CLUB
-Dungeon & Fighter x MUSICIANS CLUB主催Celestar challenge 1位

-Won Funtwo Prize of Yamaha Challenge of Yamaha Korea

-Won JOYO Prize of JOYO Challenge of Peace Music
-Peace Music主催 JOYO challengeにて、JOYO賞受賞

-Won HEX Guitar Challenge
-HEXギター challenge受賞


– 卯月コウ
放課後シャングリラ – Guitar

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