Price Revision & Ceased Product Line – 価格改定と一部機種の生産終了

Price Revision & Ceased Product Line – 価格改定と一部機種の生産終了

1. Price Revision - 価格改定について

Due to circumstances with the Covid-19 and exchange rate instability,  we have been confronting our material cost increases of woods, metal related parts, paints and miscellaneous expendables.  We would like to revise our prices in all models and some of the option prices.  Please find and update our new order forms and color list on this web. 



New Order Forms:
New Color List:

2. Ceased Product Line - 生産終了と新規受注の休止モデル

624MS, 724MS

We have to cease the production of S-624MS and S-724MS as soon as the bridges become low in stock.


SR-22, SR-22T-Plus

We have to stop taking any more orders of SR-22 and SR-22T-Plus due to many back orders.