Hiroshi / ADORA -Artist-

Hiroshi / ADORA -Artist-

We would like to announce to welcome Mr. Hiroshi from ADORA as SAITO GUITARS’ artist.
ADORAのギタリスト、HiroshiさんがSAITO GUITARS ARTISTに加わりました。



ADORA is a pop band from BKK, Thailand and has 4 members, GT(Vocalist, Guitarist and Keyboardist), Hiroshi(Guitarist), Tar(Bassist) and Nam(Drummer).
They were influenced from J-rock and pops and are writing lyrics in Japanese from 2022. After GT returned to Japan after gaining experience while studying abroad in Japan, Hiroshi, who has Japanese blood, and Ta and Nam, who were interested in the musical styles, joined them and decided to create music in Japanese. They definitely connect Japanese and Thai music scene from now on.

The first their performance in Japan was at Okinawa Music Lane Festival in 2023. They also visited to Japan in 2024 and performed at outdoor stage of Thai Festival in Yoyogi park, Shibuya.

Hiroshi is using “S-622CS Chamonix White”. Thank you for choosing it!


彼らの最初の日本での演奏は2023年のOkinawa Music Lane Festivalでした。2024年にも日本に訪れ、渋谷の代々木公園で開催されたタイフェスティバルの野外ステージで演奏しました。
HiroshiさんはS-622CS Chamonix Whiteを使用しています。