New Model - S-420bCSJ

We are pleased to announce that a new standard model of S-Series is “S-420 bCSJ”.

The origin of this model name is an initial for “4 strings”, “20 frets”, “Bass”, “Classic Style”, and “Jazz”, which represent the number of strings and frets and the type of instrument. The new instrument features a 3PLY pickguard and chrome-plated fence for consistent slap playing, as well as new details such as body shape and neck grip. It is a new bass standard proposed by SAITO GUITARS.

Smooth body shape with no edges

The thoroughly rounded outer circumference and back contours reduce the burden on the player’s body. This well-thought-out body shape enables bassists to focus on their playing, which creating aesthetically beautiful curves and shadows.

Neck Profile

This model uses a newly designed neck profile “Classic JB Grip” in consideration of balance with the body and playability. it is designed to be easy to grip even at low frets by clearly setting the edge on the joint side.

Compound Radius

The fingerboard radius is designed with a 7.25-10inch compound radius. It is possible to set the string height low while maintaining the traditional playing feel of the low fret.

Vintage Style Bridge

The bridge uses the light-weight vintage style with spiral saddles. The width of the saddle is designed to be 19mm, and you can set it to your desired space and play by changing the position where the strings are placed.

SAYTONE "Vantage+"

The new pickup installed in this model is the “Vantage+” from our own pickup brand “SAYTONE Hand Winding Pickups” which produces a powerful sound and punchy low-mid tone.

You can play a powerful and punchy low-mid tone with naturally. It was designed to perform well when connected to a tube amp as well as a solid-state amp. You can enjoy the sound unique to hand-winding pickups.

Chrome-plated pickup cover for slap bassists.

Black + Maple Fingerboard

Maroon + Wenge Neck