SR-22 Debut

SR-22 Debut

What is "SR"?

S = Solid Guitar
R = Robo Winding Pickups

SR is our new solid guitar series we provide new generation players for the best selection when they choose their guitar. This product can get about 30 percent less than the lead time of S-Series by devising the design and the production process without cutting costs depends on reducing material costs and labor costs. SR-22 achieves to be provided in competitive price 155,000 yen (excluding tax).


Different between SR-22 and S-622

Model SR-22 S-622
Scale 25.5inch 25.5inch
Body Shape Modern Flat Top Modern Archtop
Neck Profile Standard Grip Standard Grip
Fingerboard Radius 10-12inch Compound Radius 10-12inch Compound Radius
Fret JESCAR USA #51100 JESCAR USA #51100
Body Wood Alder Alder 2P
Neck Wood Hard Maple Hard Maple
Bridge GOTOH 510T-SF1 GOTOH 510T-FE1
Case Not attached  SHE-150L
Basic Price 155,000 JPY(w/o tax) 245,000 JPY(w/o tax)~

※ Specification may change without prior notice. 製品の仕様は事前の予告なしに変更することがあります。 

Top adjustable trussrod

SR is easily accessible to the truss rod from head top. This point is different from S-Series models adjusting the truss rod from neck end. This design is imagined that it will be helpful under all situations, from indoors where humidity changes rapidly due to air conditioning to stage uses.


SAYTONE ROBO Winding Pickups

We finally succeeded in reproducing SAYTONE Hand Winding Pickups by the latest NC Auto Winding Machine after several years since we started development by this machine. SAYTONE ROBO Winding Pickups was able to get high quality sound closely resembling the sound of our hand winding pickup with high level by the TNK’s machine installed customized winding method by ourselves. 

数年の開発期間を経てHand Winding Pickupの再現に成功。ROBOワインディングピックアップは、自社でカスタムワインディング方式を設定したTNKの機械によって、高いレベルで当社の手巻きピックアップに近い高音質を実現しました。

Selected Parts

The hardware parts deeply affects playability and durability of guitar, and we have selected SR to 510 Tremolo (10.8mm pitch) and SD91 Tuner from GOTOH’s flagship parts, CTS potentiometer and fret made by Jescar in U.S etc. This model is composed of these highest grade materials. 

プレイアビリティと耐久性を大きく左右するハードウェアは、”GOTOH”のフラッグシップである510トレモロ(10.8mmピッチ)とSD91 Tunerを採用。ポテンションメーターはCTS、フレットはUSAメイドのJescar社製を使用する等、最上級の素材を使用してコンポーネントされています。

Color Variation

This item has the lineup of five color including popular colors for S-Series model and Pantone Color of The Year 2022. Each SR in these colors will be released on our online shop as soon as these guitars are completed.


Where can I buy it?

日本は通販限定で、SAITO GUITARS OFFICIAL SHOPにてお買い求めいただけます。

Japanese customers can purchase this model only on SAITO GUITARS OFFICIAL SHOP. For overseas customers, it is also available online shop or at our international dealers.