SR-22T-Plus Debut

SR-22T-Plus Debut

What is "SR-22T-Plus"?

SR-22T-Plus is a new model of SR-Series. The detail of the neck is the same as SR-22 in our previous post, the body is based on the outer shape of S-622TLC, and the surface is flat top and mounts pickguard, plus it is added a single coil pickup in middle.

SR-22T-PlusはSR-Seriesの新しいモデルです。ネックのディティールはひとつ前に投稿したSR-22と共通で、ボディはS-622TLCの外形をベースにしており、表面はフラットトップでピックガードを搭載。 さらに中央にシングルコイルピックアップが追加されています。

Different between SR-22T-Plus and S-622TLC

Model SR-22T-Plus S-622TLC
Scale 25.5inch 25.5inch
Body Shape Modern Flat Top Modern Archtop
Neck Profile Standard Grip Standard Grip
Fingerboard Radius 10-12inch Compound Radius 10-12inch Compound Radius
Fret JESCAR USA #51100 JESCAR USA #51100
Body Wood Alder Alder 2P
Neck Wood Hard Maple Hard Maple
Bridge GOTOH BS-TC1S Custom GOTOH BS-TC1S Custom

Neck : Robo Scream
Middle : Robo Scream
Bridge : Robo TLC Bridge

Neck : TLC Neck

Bridge : TLC Bridge

Case Not attached  SHE-150L
Basic Price 155,000 JPY (excluding tax) 245,000 JPY (excluding tax)~

※ Specification may change without prior notice. 製品の仕様は事前の予告なしに変更することがあります。 

Middle ON-OFF Switch

The SR-22T-Plus is equipped with a mini switch that turns the middle pickup on and off. You can enjoy a strong and treble tone like TL in the off state and a halftone sound like ST in the on state.
It has a new electric guitar circuit that manipulates many sound variations with simple operation and can plays in the various play styles and situations such as lead and backing.



Elbow & Back Contour

SR-22T-Plus offers the additional comfort by the body form carved the forearm contour and back contour when you play it.


Selected Parts

This model is used the same the most reliable parts as SR-22. We selected it an original GOTOH bridge reduces howling and feedback, and it is set In-Tune Saddle that is possible to be perfect octave pitch.

SR-22と同じく信頼性の高いパーツを使用しています。ブリッジはハウリングやフィードバックに強いGOTOH製オリジナルブリッジを採用しており、正確なオクターブピッチを実現するIn-Tune Saddleがセットされています。