Extraordinary Wenge Neck

Extraordinary Wenge Neck

We announce that Wenge Wood is added to the neck material in Saito Guitars S-Series as a limited option.

The wenge neck series is finished a headstock in natural so that you can enjoy grain of wenge wood, and it is put a thin and colorful fingerboard line between neck and fingerboard wood. The colors of fingerboard line matches with SAITO logo color on headstock. In addition, the joint plate is limited to the option of this Wenge Neck series, the serial number is engraved and a red SAITO stamp is attached. Please see this page below about applicable models and more details.

SAITO GUITARS S-Seriesに適用可能なオプションとして、ウェンジネックを追加致します。


Applicable Models

What's different from regular custom?

  • Select one either Wenge or Hard Maple Wood for fingerboard material. It is set up with the top and side luminlay dots in standard.
  • Select one from 3 colors of SAITO line logo, Red, Blue or Green. A fingerboard line passing between fingerboard and neck matches a color with the same logo and applies all applicable models except for S-624 with Lock Tremolo.
  • The joint plate is engraved with a serial number and attached a red SAITO stamp.
  • ウェンジ又はハードメイプル指板のどちらかを選択。トップとサイドポジションマークはルミンレイが標準搭載されます。
  • 赤・青・緑の3つのSAITOラインロゴから一つを選択。S-624LT以外のモデルはロゴの色に合わせたフィンガーボードラインになります。
  • ジョイントプレートにはシリアルナンバーが刻印され、赤いSAITO落款が付きます。

How to custom order

  1. Download the order form sheet from Products.
  2. Full in “Extraordinary Wenge Neck” and the specification of fingerboard and logo color to the order form sheet, and send it us. (S-622CS does not have a order form, and fill in your information and guitar spec and send it in e-mail.)
  1. Productsページよりオーダーシートをダウンロードしてください。
  2. オーダーシートに「Extraordinary Wenge Neck」と、指板・ロゴカラーの仕様を記入し、メールで送信してください。